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08 June 2010 @ 04:38 pm
In Which She Imitates Lindsay  
So...fairegoddess did this when she was looking for a job, so I'm doing it too!  It's super motivating, durp durp. :X

Finding a job so far has been difficult - there just isn't a lot to go around.  But I'm not giving up.  Whether it be stalking Craigslist or applying to every store in the mall, I'm going to find a job to supplement my acting "career" (considering it hasn't started yet, durp). 


Today's App Count: 4

I might do more after dinner, but I'm not giving up on this until I have a job in my hot little hands. <3  Lazy summer is a NO-GO.

SO.  Because I REFUSE to be lazy this summer, I have a checklist of things that need to be done!

- Find a JOB.  Apply every day until something comes up.
- Finish "Project O" (My Ren'ai Game) and start Project "S"
- Put together my Screen-Writing for Animation Portfolio with a bunch of samples
- Exercise every day and eat right!  Try to lose ten pounds by the time summer's done.

As for fun/not projecty-things:

- Beat Disgaea (durrr FINALLY)
- Try to do more art. :X
- Cosplaaaay!  Current projects include: finishing Miss Valentine, Hanna, and Ox. Perhaps Albedo for Comic Con.
- Go to AX and Comic Con!

I just can't stand being lazy I guess. XD I have to surround myself with projects and things or else I'll go nuts.

Wish me luck on the job front.  :D  Yay summer!